We help leaders impact their audience.

Amplify your voice.

  • Through your life, your work or your organisation, you do things different. You do it because you care about impacting the world.  
    You have a story worth sharing about the better way forward. But how do you get your voice heard in such a noisy atmosphere?
    You need a microphone.
    Myles & More is a strategic storyteller that desires to amplify important voices that matter.   We share your drive to bring something better into the world.
    We’ve worked with many brave individuals and top organisations to create stories to reach the audiences that matter to them.

    Our unique storytelling process, drawn from our background in film and broadcast journalism, will guide you to achieve these outcomes.
  • We’ll help you identify your potential fan-base, explore your greater “why” and craft a deeper narrative that will resonate emotionally with your audience.
    We’ll also work on your long game. We’ll develop a logical content road-map to help you or your organisation grow as a thought leader worth following.
    Tell your unique story and tell it well. Because when you do, impact happens. Lives are changed. New opportunities emerge.
    Your voice is uniquely yours.

    Let us be your microphone.


See how we do it.

Our series of case studies will not only show you what we do for our clients, but more importantly, how we do it.

Case Studies

Great content for everyone.

We help you strategise and build a creative content series for your organisation. Our service range is from concept to delivery.

| Brand Story Consulting & Development

| Educational FIlm Content Series

| Profiles / Documentaries / Legacy Films

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The Myles & More Way

  • Authentic

    Be who you are meant to be.

  • Play

    Liberate your imagination.

  • Joy

    Live out of your depth.

  • Purpose

    Drive for greater meaning.

  • Empower

    Add-value to everyone.

  • Stewardship

    Make the most of every opportunity.

About Us

Myles & More is a strategic storytelling agency located in Singapore. Since we started in 2011, our aim has always been to amplify voices of individuals and organisations who want to impact their audience and change the world. Let us help you create clear & engaging film content that moves your audience to action.

Our clients

From tech companies to social enterprises, we've helped a wide-range of leaders impact their audiences.

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  • “We have been working with Brandon and team for years. They are great at storytelling and helping advise us to create human, authentic stories in a business context. We love the team and are excited to see them continue to grow. They do great work!.”

  • “Myles & More exceeded my expectations and more! (No pun intended :)...Working closely with the client's representatives, the team understood the client's requirements very well. Overall, I am very pleased with their services. Thank you!”

  • “Myles & More is really "more"....They give more than they charge you. Working with them, I realized they are passionate about the quality of their "product". They have pride. In today's world that is all about profits, it is hard to find a firm that is like this. I love working with people like them..”

  • “Myles & More has a unique value proposition of being able to tell emotive, genuine and powerful stories. There is true depth to the simplicity of their approach, retaining the authenticity of the stories they tell.”

“Thank you, Myles & More, for all your hard work to 'uncover my deeper narrative and translate it into an emotive visual story.' That's exactly what you did.  Job well done!”

Thomas Franks
Thomas FranksCEO, True Focus

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